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My name is Stephanie Reid. I have been a studio and freelance artist for over 30 years.

My current studio name is HaikuFlash.

What does “Haiku Flash” mean?

Like the ancient Japanese poetry form, haiku, my work is heavily influenced by nature.

A “haiku flash” is what I call a sudden poetic encounter with nature that inspires new artwork.


As elucidated in Spell of the Sensuous, by David Abram,
the distance between human kind and the rest of the natural world began with the first technology, written language. That rift has been growing as societies have become more entrenched in technology.
I concern my art practice with exploring ways to use technology and nature together
in an effort to reconcile that divide.


To learn more about me, please view my portfolios:



 https://vimeo.com/haikuflashstudio/albums/sort:alphabetical/format:thumbnail  &


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